Who We Are

  • Our Story

    Impossible launches. Indecisive execs. Product delays. Unpredictable press. We’ve been there and done that.

    Our company was founded by René Shimada Siegel, a Silicon Valley PR and marcom veteran with corporate, agency, startup and freelance experience. René had three kids in five years and a ton of contacts when she found her calling: helping overworked corporate colleagues with gnarly consulting projects.

    Today, 700 clients and thousands of successful projects later, René and her team are still fanatical about solving problems for overworked, understaffed marketing and communications teams. The High Tech Connect family consists of diverse strengths and personalities that play together like peas and carrots. Or dark chocolate and sea salt caramel.

    We absolutely love creating customized consulting solutions—and careers. We hate pantyhose and pretentiousness. Launch season is long. Life is short. Let us help.

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    • Our Mission

      • We believe everyone deserves to do work they love

      • We know soft skills and personality matter more than keywords when creating solutions

      • We know life’s too short to work with mean, unethical or unreasonable people. So we don’t.

    Our HQ Team

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    • rene
      René Shimada Siegel
      President & Founder
      Nothing is more important to René than her kids. They’re crazy, creative and the reason she started her company. Siegels are often found doing amusing things in random places. No surprise. René’s the one who dares to do things others don’t have the guts to do. Like start a kick-ass company, write articles for Inc.com and give speeches.



    • shandy
      Shandy Dunn
      Vice President
      Shandy’s experience in the hospitality industry gives her infinite patience and the drive to exceed client expectations. Want to get Shandy’s attention? Drop some delicious dark chocolate in front of her. She’ll be blissfully yours forever.



    • lori

      Lori Rocereto
      Consultant Services Director
      Half an inch this way or that can make a huge difference in dressage, so perfecting a pirouette over six months is actually fun for Lori. Selecting the ideal consultant is no less challenging. Nuanced details in hard and soft skills are a trot in the park for Lori.



    • michelleS

      Michelle Alvarez
      Client Services Director
      Pouring wine is like therapy for Michelle. People are happy, relaxed, eager to try something new and unexpected. Michelle serves up expert content developers or marcom pros to our high tech clients as easily as a fruity syrah.



    • dominic  
      Dominic Prado
      Marketing Specialist
      Dom’s quite the multi-tasker, studying for his MBA at San Jose State while making us look good online and in person. When he’s not working, Dom’s a Bay Area foodie who’s always cheering on his beloved Warriors.



    • michelleG

      Michelle Guerrero
      Office Manager
      It all started with Little House on the Prairie. Something about old fashioned family values strikes a chord and Michelle voraciously reads 1800s romance novels. Oh, and insurance policies, employee handbooks, benefits programs and on-boarding forms. 



    • carlysm

      Carly Shelar
      Asst Account Manager
      Carly provides the heartbeat of our team with her energy and optimism. No wonder—she’s a former USC marching band drummer. Carly’s a biology grad and world traveler who loves a good challenge: tackling client projects, empowering college students through our ConNEXT program, even climbing active volcanoes.



    • tammy

      Tammy Garcia
      Rambunctious son. Demanding clients. Family and friends. Debits and credits. Here, there, everywhere. Tammy’s the accountant who’s too funny to really be an accountant. Don’t let her humor and beefcake posters fool you. Nobody messes with Tammy!



    Our Consultants

    When you need a laser-focused professional we’ve got the best and brightest alumni from Silicon Valley. Corporate executives and former agency owners. World-class marketers, journalists and bloggers. Social-savvy recent college grads with Communications, Marketing and PR degrees. Key influencers. Strategy and tactics. Muscle memory from previous success. Plus personality and attitude to jive with the most demanding corporate team. All carefully selected and tailored to your unique project based on expertise and soft skills.

    • Tell us what you need. Of course, the right expertise and relevant experience. How about a seasoned strategist or hungry Millennial? A pitbull or diplomat? What makes this project prickly?

    • Consider your options. In most cases, we’ll introduce our qualified consultants within 48 hours.

    • Get back to work. We’ll wrangle the contracts, SOWs, payroll and other details so you can get back to your job. Yes, your own job. 

    Meet just a few of our 1,300 consultants…

    If you’re a top dog in your field, click here to be considered for our consulting team.

    Join Our Team 

    High Tech ConNEXT

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    • We’re investing in the NEXT generation.

      Trophy kids? Job-hoppers? Entitled? Not the ones we work with. We mentor ambitious pros and keep the ones who want to work hard, learn fast and make a difference in your organization.

      High Tech ConNEXT is designed for marketing, communications and PR students and recent grads. We’re collaborating with Cal Poly SLO, Columbia University, San Jose State, Stanford University and UC Berkeley to prep budding superstars for business.

    • We provide FREE career coaching, FREE referrals to paid internships and entry-level jobs and FREE résumé and LinkedIn review.

      Polycom, McAfee, Cisco, Intuit, TIBCO, eBay and others have already hired our interns and recent grads.

      Content creators. Digital storytellers. Proactive project managers. Tactical ninjas. They’re ready to work for you! 

      • Young graduate woman hugging her friend
      • If you’re a college senior or recent grad with truly epic skills, click here and attach your resume to be considered for High Tech ConNEXT.

        If your marketing or comms team needs a sharp, social-savvy pro to tackle tactics or create content, you’re in luck! Click here and tell us what you need.

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