• Summer Vacations in Spain!

    High Tech Connect preaches “Best Work. Best Life.” Meaning: Take your vacation time! See what our team of travel enthusiasts have been up to. Apparently Spain is #trending. Honeymoon in Spain I spent my three-week honeymoon in Central Spain, traveling from the small pueblo of Macotera where my husband’s family lives, to the university town […]
  • Cookies & Consulting

    The smell of freshly baked pastries can instantly transport you to a picturesque cafe in Paris, feeling the warm sun on your shoulders while sipping a frothy latte. It virtually happened to me, but the sound of a roaring truck brought me back to the industrial streets of South San Francisco. The yummy smells were […]
  • How are consultants compensated by High Tech Connect?

    Our consultants are W-2 employees paid by salary or project. Our consulting engagements factor consultant experience level, credentials and skill sets. Does High Tech Connect provide benefits? Yes. High Tech Connect consultants are eligible for comprehensive benefits that include medical, dental, vision, a Flexible Spending Account, and 401(k).
  • Got “Me” Time?

    Time management. Shyeah. What a concept. At work, I’m trying to keep my finger in the dike so I’m not flooded with voice mails and emails and stand a chance to return the important ones in a timely fashion. Employees, clients, consultants and colleagues need my time and advice. Then, there’s my responsibility I have […]
  • Tell Your Brand’s Story

    Content marketing is HOT HOT HOT these days.  To me, it seems like a new name for an old marketing discipline. Be that as it may, people are spending more time thinking about how content helps a company sell its brand and products. I came across an article the other day that’s a neat summary […]