I’m an Inc. Magazine columnist. Give me a hand!

by Rene Siegel on February 8th, 2012

Not sure if I’ve had the chance to let you know, but I’ve started writing a column for Inc. magazine’s website.  So far, I’ve written seven columns, about one a week since December.  The first one I had to turn in was due during my vacation, so I wrote it about … working on vacation. You can take a look at my 5 Great Reasons to Work on Vacation here.

Here’s my favorite reason from the list:

A change of scenery fuels creativity. It’s amazing how a warm tropical breeze can clear the cobwebs from my brain and help me make decisions faster and with greater clarity. Vacation’s also one of the rare times I can read for pleasure, so I always stop at the airport newsstand to pick up a wide variety of books, newspapers and magazines. By the time I come home, I’ve dog-eared plenty of new ideas for my business, recipes for my family and must-see destinations for the future. [more]

From week to week, I’m not sure where what the column is going to be about and I don’t have any long term plans for where’s it’s going. But in this new, crowd-sourced, online, real-time, connected world, I have a simple request:  Give me your ideas. Post them below. Send me an email. Let me know what you’re thinking about and I’ll put it in the queue and give you credit. Okay? Thank you!

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